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Performing a DEX Swap

Blockchains provide users multiple ways to swap tokens, borrow assets, and earn yield. There are thousands of Decentralized Applications (Dapps) you can choose from, all with their own benefits and features.

One of the simplest transactions to demonstrate is to swap one token with another. To test this out we will be using LlamaSwap, a swap aggregator created by the team at DeFiLlama.

This aggregator displays the most optimal prices for your token swaps by comparing prices across multiple Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes).

LlamaSwap Site

Visit to get started.

In the top-right corner there is a "Connect Wallet" button. In case Frame does not initially connect to LlamaSwap, click here.

LlamaSwap Connect Wallet

This will open a small selection box for you to choose the wallet you want to connect. Depending on the wallet you have used most recently, the "Popular" category will provide a few options.

Frame interacts with Dapps as an "Injected Wallet" and will connect automatically after you have approved access.

LlamaSwap Injected Wallet

Click on "Injected Wallet" and approve account access.

LlamaSwap Account Access

Now that we are set up on a new Dapp, we can start swapping!