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Community Feedback

We highly encourage all users to reach out with support questions for anything you need help with.

Frame is in constant development and will continuously be updated with new features so we appreciate all feedback that our users can provide!


If you encounter any issues with Frame or need assistance with a dapp connection, our primary support mechanism is our Discord community.

Join the Frame Discord and raise a ticket in the Support channel. Our team members and community will be there to help you!

When creating a Support post, please provide as much detail as possible about your issue, including:

  • The Operating System (OS) and Web Browser you are using.
  • The version of Frame you have installed.
  • The blockchain network, dapp, and RPC (REmote Procedure Call) you are using when experiencing the issue.
  • Any error messages or relevant details related to the problem.

Frame Instance ID

In some cases, we may request your Frame instance ID to verify what else might be going wrong.

This helps us search for any relevant exception data in our crash reporting service. You can find the Frame instance ID at the bottom of the Settings Panel.

Tagged Issues

We currently have our support posts tagged by their specific categories. These include:

  • Bugs
  • Send Dapp
  • Extension
  • Windows
  • Ledger
  • Gridplus
  • and many more

Each of these tags can be searched through our #support channel as we upload these to our documentation.

To submit your own issues, visit our Support Channel on Discord.

Discord Support

FAQs for New Users

The majority of our information is in our community Discord server and will be the best method to reach out for support with any issues.

We have compiled common questions for using Frame through our #faq channel. You can view these posts through the FAQ Channel on Discord.

Discord FAQs